What To Know About Low-Pressure House Washing

What To Know About Low-Pressure House Washing

25th September 2023

What To Know About Low-Pressure House Washing


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Are you wondering about house washing and what the differences are between low-pressure washing, power washing, soft washing, and so on? it can certainly be confusing if you’re thinking about calling in a professional for pressure washing. House washing is generally a term that describes a more complete service than just an individual service like roof cleaning. Although, to tell the truth, even roof cleaning will include exterior gutter cleaning, depending on the house washing professional you choose. So, yes, it can get confusing!
to help clear things up a little about house washing, take a look at the info below.

Low pressure house
can significantly improve the appearance of your home. Also known as soft washing, low pressure house washing lets you safely remove years of dirt and grime from your exterior. It’s an instant way to beautify your home. Yes, there’s a difference between standard pressure washing and low pressure washing. Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about low pressure house washing and how it works.

Power Washing & Pressure Washing

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low-pressure house washing, also known as a soft wash or soft washing, is one of several processes through which you can clean the exterior of your home. Low-pressure washing is more favorable than high-pressure washing in many cases, and learning the difference can help you make better decisions regarding your unique needs.
Having your home cleaned with a low-pressure wash as opposed to conventional high-pressure “power washing” removes the risks of damaging the exterior of your home.

Also known as soft washing or a soft wash, low-pressure house cleaning involves applying cleaning detergents at low pressure. The solution and any contaminants are then rinsed from the surface with a low-pressure stream of clean water. This type of low-pressure cleaning ensures a spotless building free from the damage conventional power washing can leave. Many homeowners assume that they need high pressure to remove grime, algae, or dirt build-up, but that isn’t the case: the type and amount of dirt shouldn’t dictate the amount of pressure you need to clean it. Instead, the material to be cleaned defines the amount of pressure you should use.

How Low-Pressure House Washing Works

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low water pressure in the house can be a real annoyance—the shower subsides to a trickle, the washing machine takes eons to fill, and the dribble from the faucet can’t even manage to rinse leftover cereal from the breakfast bowl. If the oomph has gone out of your plumbing, there are several things you can try before calling in a pro.

Soft washing is a cleaning technique that uses low-pressure water to safely clean the exterior surfaces of a house. This method also uses cleaning solutions to effectively kill mold, mildew, moss, bacteria, and other microorganisms. The cleaning solutions are made up of three main ingredients:
bleach: the primary agent for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Surfactant: this goes in between surfaces to loosen up dirt, mold, and other substances
water: this is used to dilute the bleach concentration
due to the use of lower water pressure, this method is ideal for cleaning more the more fragile surfaces of your home’s exterior. These surfaces would be damaged if you used higher water pressure.

Now that your solution is mixed and you’ve tested your pressure washer, it’s time to begin. Using the cleaning solution, start power washing at the bottom of the house and work your way up. Working from the top down can cause water and suds to run down the side of the house, making it more likely you’ll miss a section. Spray in a horizontal, side-to-side motion. When spraying roof overhangs and gutters, always maintain a 45-degree angle. Tip: do not power wash your home if it’s been painted with lead paint.

24 january, 2023
now and then, your roof needs a thorough cleaning. While power washing is the typical option, soft washing is a viable choice. Soft wash can be a good alternative to harsh pressure washing cleaning solutions. Below, we here at evergreen window cleaning & home maintenance will talk about the differences between pressure washing and soft washing.

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